A Visual Album of Pipe Tunes

This visual album contains an illustration of each bagpipe tune from Gesto's book

The book was printed with a risograph printer, a stencil duplicator. A riso printer creates a stencil for each colour, wrapped around the ink drum. There are two drums in the printer which house the bespoke riso cartridges, which limits the number of colours per page. Ink is forced through the stencils onto the page; the semi-transparency of the ink allows for interesting overlays.

Working with the constraints of the risograph, each tune had to be represented by two colours only, and from the set palette of riso inks. The colours were selected to create combinations informed by the meaning and emotion contained within each tune.

When a piper would perform this type of music, they traditionally walk in a circle. The spiral of syllables overlaps, recreating the "wall of sound" associated with piping.

The syllables are presented in four different weights; the longest notes are the heaviest weight and the shortest notes and embellishments are in the lightest weight.

On the reverse of the cover are liner notes which includes the title and some brief info on each tune.